Tennis camp

Tennis camp is the best idea for holidays!

Everybody is waiting for summer, especially children. This is the most exiting season for parents as well. Tennis Stars offers your kids total care and intensive trainings in our tennis camps.

Tennis Stars invites children to the summer city camp, this is a place where children play tennis, improve physical skills and communicate with friends. Every child in the camp is always under control and care of coaches and tutors. We usually make our camp in June. Parents bring could in the morning and take in the evening. On Saturday and Sunday we take a weekend.

In July we continue our camp but already abroad. Usually we choose Spanish tennis academies to play tennis and enjoy sun and sea. We provide all participants with a 4 star hotel or apart hotel. The schedule of trainings remain the same as in city camp: 2 tennis trainings + physical training. The feature of such camp is of course climate conditions which give your kid a lot of emotions.

We also leave a possibility to organise camps in other european countries. We have already been in France, Italy, Croatia and other southern states.

We try to locate a camp where some interesting tennis events take places, for example our students have already been in international tournaments in Croatia, visited Rafa Nadals trainings and so on and so forth.

Every trip is unique and rise the level of playing a lot.

Sport camp with Tennis Stars club is a possibility to make summer unforgettable for your children:

  • children spend more time on court;
  • every participant start play tennis better then before;
  • children take part in cultural program and learn a lot;
  • children become healthier as they train in a clean areas near the sea.
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