Personal trainings

Tennis for your pleasure and progress!

Tennis trainings for adults and kids in grapes or just you and coach! Tennis Stars provide every client with best conditions of playing and efficient trainings.

Our methodology and structure throughout the program provides players the opportunity to learn and implement new skills and ideas in a structured,and fun tennis environment.

The program usually include following parts:

  • Technical part — right forehand and backhand positioning. A mix of specific trolley drills and live ball/ point situations to highlight the difference in movement patterns and shot selection depending on what type of ball you receive.
  • Physical part — all tennis players should be in a good shape. So we develop a specific pattern of exercises to improve your stamina and health.
  • Tactical part — serve and return and tactical awareness on the points court — this covers court positioning, shot selection and from a mental aspect, keeping positive.

Мы предлагаем выбрать удобную для вас Базу:

Personal trainings with a professional and experienced coach and high quality courts are main conditions for fast growth of your tennis skills. These are essential components for both beginners and advanced players.

We would like to add that personal trainings in Tennis stars club are always fun and full of friendly atmosphere. Our passion will definitely catch you into tennis world, world of sport, good health and good mood.

Our team is waiting for you to become a part of Tennis Stars - club for passionate, sporty and smart people.

We will create a schedule personally for you to fit with all other activities you have. The intensity of trainings will be also specified as we respect time of our clients, and try to make trainings as comfortable and efficient as possible.

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